Privacy Policy

For the safety of MimiGold, in our implemented fraud-prevention system, we may require our customers to identity themselves. This process is needed to combat the rising threat of fraudulent payments, to make sure the customer is truly who their Paypal/Skrill/Credit Card says they are. In the event that you are called to identify yourself, the proper procedure is to show your passport, driver’s license, student card or any other form of legal, government-issued identification. This is to be shown only to the live chat agent whom you are in contact with at that point in time, and only to be transferred through the usage of MimiGold. All information collected by MimiGold will not to be distributed or used in any circumstance. Failure to meet the standard protocol of identification may lead to the refusal of service.

Fraud & Exploitation

MimiGold, in no circumstance, promotes, allows and educates any process of Fraud & Exploitation made from our customers. In the event of manipulation of the regular path of our services, MimiGold reserves the right to instantly deny service, and pursue any required legal action.


Any usage of the name MimiGold and/or its employees, products, website & intellectual property, is perceived to be a clear breach of Copyright laws worldwide. As a professional business, MimiGold reserves the right to pursue any required legal action with local and state law enforcement globally.

Contact Us

If in any clarification is needed on our terms of service, feel free to request clarification from our live chat agents.

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